Monday, March 2, 2015

Introducing the Joenny

It's actually been a pretty busy week, but nothing's done enough to report on it. This should really wait a few days until I post part 3, but so that I have something between last week's video and tomorrow's video let me tell you about the Joenny.
The Joenny is one of those Do-It-Yourself toys, only this one takes it a step further by being something you 3D print yourself. In fact it's going to go meta by becoming a tutorial so you can learn to make your own 3D printed Do-It-Yourself model.

It was inspired by a big headed Minecraft toy my son has and those "munny" do-it-yourself dolls (hence the name). You can paint it with acrylic paints or coat it with a primer and color with markers.
Handsome devil, isn't he? I added some wool flocking on this one just to try out the process. Don't know if I'll be doing it again. But it illustrates that you can do any sort of crafting on these things.

So far I've uploaded the original and the cube version of the Joenny on YouMagine, Pinshape, Threeding, and Cults3D, to try to increase my presence and reacquaint myself with each of these sites. I like PinShape a lot and I love their new focus on home printable models. In fact tomorrow's video and a few others are going to be sponsored by PinShape and I couldn't be happier. Threeding has a strange limitation where 3D models have to be combined into a single STL. But when I uploaded some of my back catalog to Threeding I got contacted by a big time blogger who wanted to report on it, until they discovered that I had made it 2 years ago. Cults3D is a solid site, but for some reason keeps slipping my mind. There's a ton of other 3D printing sites and I should be uploading my stuff up to, but it's just so exhausting and time consuming.
The last of the series, not uploaded yet, is going to be the Joennymals. Basically the same base model, with 3 sets of ears you can top them off with.

The Joenny can be downloaded on YouMaginePinshapeThreeding, and Cults3D,

The Jonney Cube can be downloaded on YouMaginePinshapeThreeding, and Cults3D,

The Joennymal can be downloaded on YouMagine, Pinshape, and Cults3D.

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