Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Modeling a 3D printed mini part 6 Video

A video on Tuesday? You bet. Playing with the upload day to see if earlier in the week is better in any measurable way.

The technical problems of last time persist, but this one finishes strong with a print time lapse and a follow up chat. With good lighting.

You can download the finished model for yourself on PinShape and YouMagine. If you've enjoyed this project and would like to see more like this let me know. But for now next week is something different.


  1. Wowee Joe! How long have ya been blending? I love your educatin' style! I have a couple Turorials under my belt, but your are totally fun to watch!
    This "old Dog" just might learn a new trick! Johnny

    1. Hey, thanks. I've been blending for about 4 years now and I totally love it. And I'm glad I'm entertaining to watch. I try.


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