Saturday, November 1, 2014

3D Printed Pegboard hooks

You can download the 3D printable pegboard hooks and hangers on YouMagine.

Whenever I start a new project I always start with the assumption that it's already been done. After all, 3D printing has been around for a while now. Chances are someone has already solved the common problem you're thinking of solving.

When I put a pegboard on my workbench I assumed I'd be 3D printing the common hooks and hangers that people have for pegboards. So I fired up a search on Yeggi and was surprised to see that there were very few pegboard solutions, most of them were friction based which don't seem secure to me, and almost none of them could serve as replacements for the common attachments you could buy in the store. there was only one I found that use the hook style, and when I dug into it the the scale didn't work for what I wanted.

So I made my own. I started with a test piece that was just the part where it attached to the board and was pleased that the prototype worked great and held securely. So I went on to make a variety of hooks and hangers and am employing them now. I don't recommend putting anything too heavy on the 60mm hook, which kinda makes it worthless (and in fact making it that big was because I forgot the difference between diameter and radius when making the 30mm hook), but the rest are going to find a permanent home on my pegboard.
I love projects that reduce trips to the store. It may not be as flashy as prosthetics cheap enough that it's viable to make them for children, but it changes the world in it's own way, I think.

You can download the 3D printable pegboard hooks and hangers on YouMagine.

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