Friday, October 31, 2014

Modeling for 3D Printing Tip 3 - CAD-like exactness Part 2

And to finish what I started with the example of an SD Card holder ring, which relies on exactly matching the size of a real life object, an SD card, and the size of your finger. And a special thanks to my new subscribers.

I know I keep apologizing for this, but these one-take slap-dash crappy quality videos are really the only way I can produce them at the moment. Having to edit them tends to take at least 4x the length of the video, not counting rendering time, and I just don't have that sort of bandwidth right now. Even a little edit like this, splitting it into 2 parts, would be prohibitive. Fortunately YouTube has a new post-upload editing feature that is pretty quick. They'll even edit in a 5 second title card if you make one for them, so I may take the time to do that in the future.

Despite my self deprecation, I hope people are finding these videos useful and enjoying them.

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