Thursday, April 21, 2016

3D Printing with Ninjaflex

I'm officially in a project now. A quest to have a collection of 3D printed chess sets that each has a reason for being, either because the design is amazing or to show off a cool plastic, or both. This has given those rolls of exotic materials that I've had around since forever a reason for existing. How long will this last? As long as there are exotic materials for me to experiment with.

Print your own profile chess set at:

Printing with Ninjaflex isn't actually that bad provided that your printer doesn't have much of a gap between the feed gear and tube.
But if you can print with it it's super cool. The recommended settings work great with the exception that your travel speed, or XY Speed in Simplify 3D, doesn't need to be turned down to 20mm/s. Keep that one just as fast as you do for anything else and it will actually improve your prints a little, because it'll zip between shells, if you have islands between things, quickly and leave very little drool.

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