Saturday, January 23, 2016

Introducting the Thingfolio

Naming things apparently isn't one of my strengths. So bear with me as I introduce to you...
The thingfolio. On the outside is just a fuzzy lunchbox with a zebra stripe pattern and the name of my design company. And on the inside...
there's examples of 3D printing and designs that I can offer including figures, customized products and stamps, and of course the Chessbot. It's an evolving collection. And to really make an impact I include a selection of classic art and flower key chain lithophanes to hand out.
Davinci, Munch, Dicksee and Degas along with a sego lily and rose are all available. Though I keep a few more Mona Lisas on hand since I realize that's what most people will most easily recognize.

Making all these lithophanes taught me a few things. First of all the flowers don't make very good lithophanes. Neither do landscapes. Secondly, despite naysaying to the contrary, very small text is possible with 3D printing, but it must be done vertically and you have to choose your font carefully. In fact I had to basically make the lettering by hand to make this work. But at .1 mm layer heights it's readable.


You can downlod your own classic art lithophanes and print them yourself for free.

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