Thursday, March 12, 2015

Successfully printing flexy

The mod to my bot to make my bot flexible friendly was successful. Of course printing ninjaflex also means slowing down, way down, from what I'm used to. But it works.

So I printed a model that had long, tall sections, and learned that flexible prints need to be... sturdy. It's kind of a no brainier now that I know it, but a tall unsupported section in flexible filament will wiggle and the wiggle gets worse the taller from the platform it goes. A 1.6 mm wall is good for the first 15 mm or so, but past that it gets worse and worse.

But this thing ain't delaminating for nothing. Even pulling it against the grain is fine. This ninjaflex is impressive stuff.

My second Wood Wars 3D mailer went out this morning. It comes with it's own meta game, spot the typos. I'm gonna have to bring my game to keep you people around after next week.

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