Monday, February 23, 2015

Wood Wars progress update

In a word, Wood Wars is coming along nicely.
The base armies are compete, but there's still so much to do. I'm working on writing the rules so play tesing can begin in earnest. I'm gathering data on manufacturing costs and researching how exactly to have a successful kickstarter.

I keep getting asked the question of if I'm going to explore injection molding. The answer is not if I can help it. The goal is to with this fund a low cost 3d printer farm that can push the limits of 3d printing as a manufacturing platform! Then come up with more projects like this to keep the farm busy.

Wood Wars has been a project of unlimited potential that I really hope I get to explore.
I think the Jackalope and Mystic are going to be stretch goals, a magic inclined unit that can heal or hinder. The Champion, a unit with both ranged attack and melee strength, is likely to be a kickstarter exclusive, at least in physical form. But I had someone suggest including exclusive 3d printer files on a usb drive in the boxed copy to encourage people to explore 3D printing. It's an idea I don't hate and the Champion may be the first.
With the entire animal kingdom to explore it's difficult not to play with ideas like charging buffalo, stealthy raccoons, protective turtles, and clever beavers bringing siege weapons into the fray. Honestly I would be surprised not to see that last one happen. My son suggested the beavers launch each other with their weapons. Again, not an idea I hate. 


  1. Joe, I still not get it. I love the work you are putting in it, but I still do not belive you want me to print an army and then demolish it launching marbles at it.

    Did I miss something?

    1. Why wouldn't you want to demolish an army by launching marbles at it?

      Look up H. G. Wells Little Wars. Pay special attention to the way artillery attacks are resolved.

  2. Hey Joe, really cool looking models! You may want to check out my Wooden Wars rules, and models as well. and my blog They would work well with your models. Cheers!
    Thomas Foss


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