Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Playing with Heroforge

While someone like myself can use more open ended tools to do cool things, for everyone else Heroforge is the sort of software that I forsee helping drive 3D printing demand up.

Ever play an RPG where you spend 20 hours customizing your characters, crafting their appearance, before you put on a helmet and lose it all? Heroforge is kind of like that only instead of covering your work with a helmet and armor 20 minutes after you're done, with HeroForge, and after a modest exchange of currency, they 3D print your model out for you.

Unfortunatly they don't offer the STL so you could print it out at home, and in fact you couldn't if you wanted to without some serious fiddling. They also don't allow you to pose your character however you want, you have to pick from a stock of poses. But that aside there's no end of minis HeroForge can make.

As impressed as I was by HeroForge I didn't buy a statue of my cocky halfling pictured here. I'd rather make one from a scan of my face.

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