Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Kid scans to game pawns

This week has been super busy with last minute Christmas etsy orders. But I got a little to talk about.

Remember those Kinect scans I did of my kids? They had some ideas for some edits they wanted. So I spent some time and made some figures for them:
I designed them to be printable (if only just) at 1" tall so they'd be suitable as pawns. And since I had some credits on Sculpeto I decided to see what they could do. It took some cajoling to get them to print them because I was admittedly pushing the tolerances. I okayed the order despite their automated warnings about the thin walls. Then I refused to let them cancel the order and told them to print the models anyways. Wasn't easy but in the end they put the models through and they turned out better than they promised.
USB for scale
Okay, to be honest they're smaller than I expected. However they worked and despite the fact that my camera can't capture it the details are amazing and the thin walls weren't any problem. I printed the devil two different ways, one in red plastic and one in red painted resin. The red resin was supposed to have had worse tolerances than the red plastic but both printed well and besides a little tackyness of the paint both were functional despite their protests. The only problem is the resin is twice as expensive.

These tiny little prints were almost $7.50 on the low end each, a little pricey for something so tiny. I suspect that's something of a function of of their pricing scheme is some sort of minimum price plus volume pricing model. So a 2" mini would probably not cost twice as much, but I'd have to dig a bit to find out. But for now I need to make a game for my kids to play with these.

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