Thursday, December 11, 2014

SLA Dragon ring

I recently, randomly, ran into a giveaway for a 3d printed dragon ring. All I had to do was guess the layer height and time to print and I could win. Based on what I know about DLP printing I guessed this ring was made by that process and made my guesses accordingly. And owing to the fact that practically no one else guessed I won.
I got to remove the supports myself and they came off cleaner and easier than any I've seen FDM do. And the detail is amazing.

It was printed on a prototype small form 3d printer by a chinese company called ATSMake. I don't think printer isn't out yet, but this print is making me reconsider a light cured resin as a viable option. I've often thought this would be perfect for gaming minis. But it's probably too expensive considering who they're targeting on their site.

Since this is the first light-cured print I've had for my very own, I'm going to leave this ring in my car dangling from my rear view mirror to see if continued exposure to UV light causes the problems I've heard light-cured prints have. If you don't hear anything else from me assume those reports are false.

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