Monday, January 5, 2015

Fixing a soap stamp order with MakeXYZ

I make a lot of soap stamps. So before I left on vacation a few weeks back I was wrapping up an order for Soaps McGotes and while I usually send the customer a proof for their approval I accidentally skipped that step in my rush, and of course this is the time that I really shouldn't have skipped that step. Monica Moore messaged me to tell me I had spelled it "Soaps McGoats". But I was already 2000 miles away from my 3D printer. I didn't want Monica to have to wait so I once again hired another 3D printer through MakeXYZ to print the correction for me.

Unfortunately there were no 3D printers close enough to Monica that I could forgo shipping all together, but as I already reported an oddly familiar 3D printer was close.

This marks my second experience hiring out 3D printing and both times my experience was pretty uniform. Know your print, find a printer, haggle, go. It's kinda disappointing that the haggle step is still in there. I think a video version of my "How to print without a 3D printer" is eminent. But that aside both experiences have been pretty positive.

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