Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Visit to Zeni Kinetic

I took an opportunity to visit Salt Lake's own 3D Printing store, Zeni Kinetic and nerded out with the John, Aaron, and Jeremy there, some of which I've met at local makerspaces before. 
They've got a nice open floor space that is still in development in a lot of ways. Lots of filament and example prints and... hey, what's that in the corner?
Holy smokes, they've got their own 3D scanner setup. Awesome. I wasn't dressed for it, but I am definitely coming back and trying that thing out.
The biggest surprise was seeing how HUGE their 3D printer is. This thing is massive. They're far undercharging for what you get. It's amazing.

A big thanks to all the guys at Zeni Kinetic for entertaining me while I geeked out with them. And I look forward to visiting them again.


  1. Are they still in business? I ordered a printer months ago & they took my money and have not communicated since. No returned phone calls or email. I'm giving them until 2/1/15 then I am calling the BBB & Utah attorney general.

    1. Hi Kellen, my name is John Fenley and I've been working on the printer production line at Zeni Kinetic for the last couple of months. I'm sorry that you're frustrated by the delays we have had, and nothing would have made me happier than to have shipped printers by Christmas, but it just wasn't possible. We had numerous last minute changes to the design that were required to solve issues that came up during assembly, but we did ship our first printer a couple of days ago.

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