Monday, November 10, 2014

Modeling for 3D Printing tip 5 - Dividing a model

Hardest part of this video was settling on a name. Am I separating a mesh? No, that's what I did last time. And I slicing a model? No, that's what you do to prep it for printing. Cutting? Maybe. Dividing? maybe. I'll just pick one. Inka binka bottle a ink...

This video calls back to the modeling exactness techniques talked about a few videos ago. I forgot to mention in this video that, yes, you can use other software like Netfabb to do this same sort of thing and why Blender can be better for it. However I did mention it on a similar segment on the 3D Printing Today podcast. But if someone left me a comment I might could do another quick video explaining why Blender is better.

I've also mentioned the lesson of this video before in two other videos, Fixing Andy's Guitar and Splinting the Dice. But repetition is good for a developing mind, says Jimmy Neutron.

Naturally I'm not running out of things to say, but if there's something you want covered leave me a comment and I'll try to cover it on a future video.

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