Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How I ended up up actually dividing the robot model

My last video was admittedly a little misleading. While the techniques described in the video aren't wrong when it came time to actually slice up the model I took advantage of the fact that Mr. Fluff's Robot Factory doesn't boolean union all the pieces together (the way the robot was presented in the video) to let me break out the arms as whole shapes. I ended up making two arm units with a sort of peg to serve as a base for printing that would be hidden in the body. Then I subtracted the arm units from the body. Then I used the technique in the video to split the body front and back. The hope was that the arms would print with minimal supports and then slot right into the body.

The body parts printed well enough. Unfortunately the arms continued to be a problem. In the end I had to adjust their angle further and put them on a .3mm cut-away plate to provide enough adhesion. Some slicers will do this themselves, I believe it's called a skirt. But Makerware doesn't so I had to add it in Blender. But once I added that skirt I finally got a good print.

The assembled robot also ended up getting a coat of ABS glue all over it because I was a little too liberal with my application and it dripped. So instead of having drips I just painted it which smoothed out and shined up the robot.

It's neat to present a kid with a model that they designed themselves, though since this exercise I got on the Android beta for Modio and... well, that's a post for another day (when i finally finish printing them out).

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