Friday, September 21, 2018

Help me build a Christmas Tree for Children's Hospital

This Christmas Tree project,spearheaded by Glenn Ready, to raise money for the Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, is going to be a huge undertaking. I hope this goes awesome.

My next video will detail the process of making the lithophanes for the clips that I'll talk more about in the next video. Then put them in an envelope and send them to:
3D Printing Professor
Joe Larson
P.O. Box 689
Hurricane, UT 84737
Everyone has been very kind not to say anything about my extended absence. Maybe everyone was just so busy getting ready for World Maker Faire (which I am mourning not being at), or everyone just doesn't care whether I upload videos or not. But, yes, there has been a lapse in my video schedule for a couple of weeks, and there's a couple of good reasons for that. The main one being, I had some thing I wanted to do to to improve my video quality, and I didn't want to release a video until they were done.

Things like a teleprompter and a script. I will have a video about this in the future, but just to run down the specs:

  • Lasercut foamcore enclosure
  • 3D printed hardware
  • 7" HDMI screen
  • Raspberry Pi accessing a shared directory on my windows machine
  • Keyboard clicker in my hand.
It's not a project for the tech afraid, as it uses the linux console a lot. But that never scared me.

And this is the first video I've used it on.

In addition, this was the first video where I shot 3 videos at the same time, intending them to be all themed similarly. In the future, this is kinda how I want me videos to go. So I could, possibly, string them together to one TV length episode, or break them up for easy consumption on YouTube. So look forward to the next two videos and tell me how I did making them all string together.

The next major upgrade will be using my newly purchased Zoom for sound. But we've got 2 more videos before you'll hear the change.

EDIT: 2 things I forgot to mention when I typed this up last night. First of all, that address animation that shows up at the 4:49 mark took an hour to do. Can't say I'm totally happy with it, but we're gonna use it... a lot.

Secondly, Those old C64 demos were playing from YouTube videos on my Raspberry pi in the background. It was kind of a Christmas tradition in my family to watch those every year, back when we had a C64 set up in the house, and one which I'm happy to use YouTube to continue. You can watch the demos from the video here:

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