Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Professor Still Love the Monoprice Select Mini Video

Yup. I got me the Monoprice V3 aka the "Pro". I think they call it "Pro" because, as I understand it, they discovered that the auto leveling on the delta printers was just complicated enough to make new users balk. Of course I think this could be fixed by a script that recognizes the first time it's turned on out of the box (or a menu option that says "first time?") and goes through the leveling process with you. Honestly, a lot of scripting is all this printer needs to be perfect. Well, that and a bigger build area, but for the price I'm not complaining.

"For the price" is a huge trump card. A lot of the time it means that "yeah, it sucks, but I didn't pay much for it", and sometimes that's true. But with the Monoprice printers, it's less that and more an excuse for the imperfections. "For the price" means you're getting way more than you paid for with these printers.

Part of me wishes I could do all the changes I want to all at once. To have a clear break between old videos and new videos. But it's not going to be like that. I'm going to incrementally start making better and better videos. There will be, hopefully, a format change in the future that will be noticeable. But it won't be accompanied by the new set, new equipment, better lighting, better editing, new brand and new thumbnails. For instance, the new thumbnails are happening right now. Thumbnails that pop, that draw people in, and are less cluttered. For instance, I cleaned a lot of clutter from the image on the right to make this thumbnail, even if it meant losing a lot of dinos.

One more thing, though. This will probably be the last video that I work without a script. This going off the cuff thing... what a mess! The original recording for this video is a stream of consciousness that I had to edit a ton to make a cohesive narrative from. But I'll share more of this with my Patreons.

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