Friday, June 22, 2018

Retro Pi Gaming on the Cheap video

There are going to be those who will point out that you don't NEED a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ for this project, and that you can save some money by getting a Pi 2 or zero, and these can run many of the games that RetroPi can plan. This is true. However, unless you're planning on plugging your Pi directly into your router, and let's be honest, who does that these days, you're going to need to buy a wifi dongle which can cost more than the money you save going with a cheaper Pi. Why not take the performance boost and get the wifi for free, I say.

One way not mentioned in the video that this project can be enhanced further is by 3D printing an awesome retropi enclosure. I recommend the RPI3 2600 case by HauntFreaks (Though you may want to check what it was remixed from, and who's remixed it to be sure you're getting the best case for you).

Snazzy Case Configuration:

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