Tuesday, June 19, 2018

M3D Micro+ Review video

To answer the question posed by the thumbnail there, is the M3D Micro+ the best mini 3D printer? I'll admit when I started this journey I was still looking for something to dethrone the MP Select Mini.It's been 3 years and I have yet to find a starter printer that I recommend over it, except maybe the MP Mini Select V2. So comparing the M3D Micro+ against the MP Select Mini V2, how's it compare?

They're both pre-assembled printers that print right out of the box. So first time experience is a draw.

As for ease of use, because the M3D is headless, it actually beats the MP Select Mini V2, though the MP Select Mini V2 is perfectly serviceable. For example, changing filament involves manually heating the nozzle, manually reversing or feeding the filament, and manually cooling down the nozzle, but on the M3D it involves hitting a button and following the prompts on your computer screen, the M3D does the heavy lifting automatically. So a point for the M3D.

As for capability, the Monoprice has a heated bed, so that's good, but the M3D has direct drive, and that's good too. However, The MP Select Mini has a slightly bigger build volume and prints accurately on day 1.

The M3D is a more eco friendly 3D printer, possibly the most eco-friendly printer you can buy, and that has value. It's also the most portable 3D printer I've ever seen. Literally, throw it in a tote and take it wherever you going, though you will need to hook it up to a computer when it gets there.

But where Monoprice really pulls ahead of the M3D is in the price. The M3D Micro+ has a $350 starting price, where the Monoprice Select Mini V2 is $220. For the M3D to be competitive it would have to be $150, and if you can get one for that price I would say it was a good buy, but at full price, I'm afraid I have to revert to my original recommendation. I still love the Monoprice Select Mini.

Whether you decide to check out the printer or not, be sure to check out their premium filament, which so far has been impressive. They're even mini spools, which means you can buy more of them with less guilt.

Can you feel that rumble on the horizon?

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