Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Downside of the Master Spool Video

So, do you remember the movie "Pay it Forward"? Remember how everyone who described the idea of paying it forward insisted that it was their own idea? That was to illustrate how good an idea it was. The same thing is happening with the Master Spool.

I feel I do sometimes come across as the guy who's looking for the downside to everything. Like if there's something to complain about, I'm the guy who will find it. While I am trying to be more positive, I have to admit, the first place I heard about the potential problems was the 3D Printing Today podcast. And hearing them curmudgeon all over the master spool in a recent episode, then opening this spool and having it be everything that they said could go wrong, I might have started to get a bit worried. But I hope I turned this around to a positive in the end, because I really do want the master spool initiative to succeed.

The plan was for these videos to be quick shot, minimal edit so I could get more of them out quicky, but I am in the end, not willing to compromise my production quality that much and these videos are taking nearly as long to make as my other ones. Basically, I'm working my butt off this week.

Low poly dinos. A week and a day to get on the mailing list for that exclusive reward.

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