Monday, May 14, 2018

My last day as a substitute teacher and my first Maker Fair

So, first things first, thanks to the makerspace where I'm now full time, I'll be going to the Bay Area Maker Fair this weekend. I'll be there Friday and Saturday and I'll have a pocket full of maker coins to pass out, so if you see me, don't be afraid to say "Hi" and get one. I've got something for you.

(PS, the cream colored ones glow in the dark.)

Friday last week was momentous for me. It marked the last day I would supliment my income with substitute teaching, since (did I mention?) I am now full time working at the makerspace.

This was made particularly poetic because I started teaching more than a decade ago in a 7th grade classroom (before a career detour to software development), and this classroom that it ended in was also 7th grade math. 7th grade math is without a doubt the worst. 7th grade sucks. They're too young to be grown up, but not young enough to be a child any more, and no one, especially themselves, have any idea who they are. But on top of that we're adding letters to our numbers and expecting them to keep up with it. This is the bookends of my teaching career.
I actually taught in this same classroom the week before, on Star Wars Day, and took the opportunity to make a drawing on their whiteboard of the Death Star surrounded by rebel and imperial ships joined by some non-Star Wars space ships as well. When I returned it was still there, so I added a few more references and a key to explain them.

If I were more of an artist, I'd love to do this sort of thing in full color, though with a slightly different layout as I'd probably have the X-Com ship landed on the surface and the squad moving out. Maybe replace the death star with the Sinistar, but in the same capacity, and just pack it with cross-overs. Throw in some Space 1999, Interstella 5555, Star Control, Flash Gordon (both Buster Crabbe and Sam Jones), and whatever else I can think of.

Sorry, I may have gotten a bit carried away in my head, there.

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