Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Master Spools and new filamet specs plus leveling the CR10S video

By the way, that "Righty-Tighty" thing is from below, so if you're looking at it from above we're back to "Righty" tightening the level of the build plate, and "Lefty" making the level less tight. So my double think needed to be triple think back to the original. Complicated.

I don't know why, but it seems to be filament season. Every week I'm getting a new delivery of material from some supplier who wants me to share their wares. Not that I mind getting my projects supplied for free.

Every supplier that approaches me gets a reply about the #MasterSpool initiative by RichRap. This is something I truly believe in. And it's a movement that's gaining a lot of traction. I've even heard, on the WTFFF podcast, an interview with a filament manufacturer promoting their own master spool. Interestingly enough, while they even called it a master spool, they acted like this was their own idea. Not one mention of Richard Horne's contribution. While that rubs my attribution mind the wrong way, I suppose it's encouraging to see it taking off like this. It's kind of a pay it forward scenario where everyone believes so deeply in the idea that they think they came up with it. And, admittedly, their "slant spool" has a rather interesting (heh) slant on the design. It's the same part, printed twice, that interlocks with each other perfectly. I kinda like that, provided they're not chaning the standard. Still a little to figure out.

With all these filaments coming in, doing a straight review isn't my style. Not anymore. Nor is spending time coming up with a series of tests that I'll run on every roll of filament that comes in. I am just not interested in that sort of thing. I want to use the filament to make stuff. So it's easiest to share about a filament I'm working with when there's something to talk about. Fortunately Furling's filament fell in nicely with the topic smaller spools, which has been on my mind lately.

Furling is a company out of Australia who ran a successful Kickstarter for their tangle-free filament solution. They've since used that money to start a proper business, a real kickstarter success story. I really enjoy the rolls of filament they sent me. Not just because they're the right size, but the colors they sent me are beautiful; beige pink and wood brown. The wood brown is very light, almost skin tone.  I've printed a few other things with this one that you'll see in the future, but I can already tell this color I'm going to run out very quickly. It's about right for Wood Wars animal heads. And it photographs beautifully.

On a side note, the CR10 defaults in Cura have concentric infill on by default which makes for a kind of pretty pattern on the back of a maker coin.

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