Monday, December 18, 2017

Nativity mini Puzzle video

This week is going to be a little off. Christmas is coming. The goose is getting fat 'n all. (Please to put a penny in the old man's hat, eh? Support button there on the sidebar.) With the holiday coming there are a couple of videos I'd like to do. Actually, there's a whole week of videos I'd like to do, but that just isn't happening right now. Maybe next year. However, this project is Christmas themed so it gets to be a part of this weeks celebration leading up to Christmas.

I am honestly super impressed with Vectary. Set up an account and in 5 minutes I got the idea. In an hour, after going through all their tutorials, I felt confident enough to strike out on my own. It's like they took edit mode in Blender with the non-destructive modifiers and gave it a UI that doesn't suck. It doesn't do everything Blender does, not by a long shot, but what it does it does so well that I have less of a complaint list and more of a wish list for it. So with that in mind here's my wishlist of features I'd like Vectary to have:

  • Some way to see (and perhaps even edit) the measured dimensions of an object
  • Ability to dissolve planar verts and lines
  • Ability to loop cut to add geometry
  • Ability to free cut to add geometry
  • Meaningful vertical snap
  • Make the "Tab to change views" a little more obvious
  • Change "Layers" to "Objects"
  • Make the Objects/Layers list scrollable
  • Make the Add-Ons list scrollable
  • Sculpt tools with dynamic topology
  • Color painting with auto UV textures, maybe?
All of this is niggling. Because I really do like this program as it is.

Here's some context to how much I like Vectary. I was approached, before finding Vectary, by another 3D modeling web app company. They wanted me to make a series of videos showing off their program and were willing to sponsor a the videos. We agreed on terms, and I dug into their program. I put up with a ton of crap in trying to make a video promoting this program, and every time I made a video I ran into a new show stopping bug. The development team was responsive and they tried their best to fix the bugs. But in the end was so frustrated with the time I wasted on this deal that I had to part ways with them, amicably, because bugs aside their program just wasn't anything I could in good conscience present to you. On the other hand, Vectary isn't paying me a dime. I'm not sure they even knows I exist. And I don't care. It's worth sharing with you. (Though I wouldn't be opposed to getting a little something something.)

I don't think Vectary going to replace Blender for me, but it might be a good alternative for you.

There's a whole 5 minutes of this video where I kind of go over the hows and whats of Vectary before jumping into the project. Would anyone like to see that? A little something extra from the cutting room floor?

Download and print your own Nativity mini puzzle on MyMiniFactory:

And, hey, if you do try out Vectary or download the model, let the Vectary people know how you heard about them and that I really deserve to win that SLA printer.

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