Friday, December 1, 2017

Davinci Color Triumph

Act 1 was the call.
In Act 2 we hit the weeds.
And now for the thrilling conclusion. And while this is hardly the last video I'll be making about color printing on the Davinci Color. But most of the videos from here on will be about how to make color 3D models in Tinkercad, Blender, and whatever else I can.

The big question about the Davinci Color is can I recommend it in the general case? No 3D printer is perfect for every situation. No tool is right for ever situation. But is the Davinci the right printer for the general case? I think the answer is clear. I still need to experiment with doing non-colored prints, but I'm sure that's not a problem. However, as I sated, there's no heated build plate, limiting this printer to PLA or maybe PETG. Also, it's a bowden feed system, further limiting what it can do to rigid materials. While I absolutely love every feature this printer has (have I mentioned the auto leveling?) it's what it doesn't have that prevents me from recommending it in the general case. You can print these materials with a much cheaper printer.

That said, what it does, full colored 3D print, it does well, and no one else is doing it. So if you want what this printer can do, right now, there's only one place to get it.

I want to send out a thanks to everyone who is watching and commenting on my last video about accurate prints with 3D printers. Apparently this is what you guys wanted, way more than slightly click-bait title about a 3D printer you've heard way too much about already. Comparing these two videos, while the more educational videos get more positive comments, the CR-10 review is still getting more views and generating revenue for me. From the perspective of wanting to feed my family, I should do a lot more of those baiting review videos. I'm not. I'm going to do some, for sure, but I refuse to let my channel degrade into nothing but reviews and affiliate links. Occasional reviews and affiliate links, but not constant. I hope that's okay.

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