Monday, December 11, 2017

Comments are back

A while back, before my YouTube videos took off, I turned off comments on my blogs. I have just turned them back on with Disqus so that you can comment on my posts.

See, the problem was spam and need. Because Blogger comments were either "get a log in for this blog" or "don't require a log in", I felt the best option was no requiring a log in, which resulted in automated spambots having a heyday with my comments section. Now, I won't deny, there were some fun times there. Those spambots are creative pieces of work. But when my daily routine involved cleaning off the spam every day, an no one was commenting, I decided it was better just to turn off the comments.

However, things have definately changed. With over 14k subscribers and nearly 100 people supporting me through Patreon and now directly through PayPal here on the Blog, there's a demand for a comments section. So I spent the 15 minutes to get Discus set up (had I known it would be that easy...) so I would have some spam protection, and now comments are back.

Share your mind.

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