Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Help me name my Low Poly Dino project Video

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I sat down yesterday and cracked out 4 videos, one right after the other. I'm not sure how far ahead I need to be to feel like I can do a week worth of constant updates, but that's my goal. 5 days, 5 videos. Maybe if I can record 4 more in a day next week I'll do it.

Makerblock's original sketches for this project were... pretty rough. But they got the idea juices flowing. After seeing how the first 3 turned out we decided this merited seeing if we can make a project out of it. You know, build up some infrastructure and give this thing a proper release.

But for that we need a name.

So hit up the YouTube video, vote for your favorite in the comments, and let's see what comes of this.

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