Thursday, June 15, 2017

MyMiniFactory and the Joenny

I have to admit. I am just barely getting this video out. I have a kickstarter that needs some nursing, I'm running a summer 3D printing camp, I'm in a job hunt that isn't going well, and a book that I need to make a cover for. My videos are getting minimum effort right now. So when I screwed up the audio on this one I threw it in HitFilm, edited some music over the noise, and put it out. It was all I had the time for.

This sort of story is all too common in the making community. The moment you share something you run the risk that someone else claiming it for themselves. That's the internet (<- original author near as I can tell.) What it really boils down to in my opinion is intent. Did MyMiniFactory intend to cut me out? Well, no, actually. They made sure my name was attached to it, they even encouraged people to tip my designs. The only thing they did was change the branding to make it look like they created it. Is that bad? Sure. Maybe. But was it malicious? No. In fact if anything it was flattering.

But I was hurt for the longest time about the whole thing, so I brooded and harumphed until I realized I was being the one being a butt.

If you want to make your own custom toys you can download them here:

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