Saturday, May 6, 2017

Wood Wars 3D on Sourceforge intro video

Check Wood Wars 3D out on Sourceforge:

I like to use this blog as a little peek behind the curtain, to share with readers not just information about the video, like some sort of extended description, but about how the video was made and why certain choices in the video happened. With that in mind here's some trivia about this video that likely no one but me will care about:

  • This video was shot all in one take. This was made possible because the monstrous computer my supporters bought for me had the huevos to run all the features of OBS while recording at full speed and while playing it's own background music and recording it over the desktop, all with no frame drops. I've got 2 cameras and a USB mic coming through one 7 port hub and this beast of a computer is like "eh, what else you got?"
  • I really need to learn to maintain eye contact with the camera, but in real life I don't maintain eye contact with humans very well, so there you go.
  • I have a cold.
  • Usually I record two or three videos in a session, but like I said, I have a cold, so I could only record this one, meaning I'm gonna have to scramble again to get Wednesday's video out.
  • The script for this video, more of an outline, really, originally included a bit about why I chose this setting. Short version, I'm tired of the Middle Earth inspired fantasy setting and will bend over backwards to avoid it. But when I started creating the races the idea was to make parallels to that settings, so the elks are derived from elves, the bears are orcs. However, that's as far as it got because after that the animals kind of took over. But that's why those two features prominently on the cover. I'll probably cover this again in the future. But when the time came to mention this in the video that prompt in the outline just disappeared in my eyes and so it doesn't show up in the video, and it's probably better that it didn't.
  • Man, that was a long bullet point.
I will be trying to perfect this sort of one-take editing-on-the-fly video because, if I can nail the delivery while juggling all the components like background music, then that's it, video done. No hours at the editing desk putting all these components together in post. This does add an element to my pre-processing. I have to know exactly what I'm saying, from beginning to end. I can't stop half way, collect my thoughts, and edit that out later. But this means my videos will probably be better overall because, well, I know exactly what I'm going to say. Can I trade a lot of post processing for a little pre-processing and keep my quality up, or even raise the quality? I hope so. This is one of the reasons I wanted this computer to begin with, because it will allow me to create better videos faster, not using the same technique I used in the past, but creating new techniques.

So let me know, does this video look good to you? Did it's one-take nature stand out and distract from the message of the video? Or did I do a good enough job that you didn't really notice it, except that now that you know it's there you'll never see anything else.

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