Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Modeling my kids drawing livestream 4

You can download the model from the stream here: https://pinshape.com/items/32968-3d-printed-kids-drawing-to-3d-model-max

Almost finished this one during the stream, but it took a little finishing afterwards, and then the usual fiddling for an hour to get things just right before I was happy. As I said during the stream I wasn't going to make any attempt to make this FFFriendly that excepting the hand and the chin, Max prints reasonably well without supports, provided you're printing in PLA with a fan.

I realized after printing that at the size I had made him Max was vary short compared to Princess Keira, so I edited him, scaled him to see Keira eye-to-eye (as they are both fully grown, 18 and 19 years old) and I'm printing the new one now, but the concept has been proven. The hand needs supports, naturally, and they need to be removed carefully because the arm is delicate, but it Max prints. Still, he could also be scaled down to make a rather convincing halfling. Now I have to fix DarkForce and Moe to be in scale as well.

I've got one more in this series, so expect a livestream with my youngest coming soon.

Download and print your own Max: https://pinshape.com/items/32968-3d-printed-kids-drawing-to-3d-model-max

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