Monday, February 20, 2017

Modeling my kids drawing 2 livestream

The best livestream to date. I know I say that every time, but I think I've worked out every technical problem I possibly can with the hardware setup I have. 45 minutes that didn't devolve into a slide show, though there were a few drops when I did some a particularly intensive tasks in Blender. At this point the only solution I can see would be a dedicated streaming rig and a box to split the signal going to the external monitor. For which I would need your help.

I wasn't even going to do this as a livestream, but I realized I hadn't set up OBS at all, so I might as well set it up to stream, then test if my stream was good. And it was.

This time I modeled my second son's character, a shape-shifter named Moe. It turned out to be a surprise hit with everyone. Runaway puns in the live chat. And my son really worked the crowd. I'm so proud. I'm surprised I managed to do this one in just one 45 minute session. The last one took 2 hours or more by the time I was done. But Moe took only about 30 minutes. It was a simpler design. So the next task is to do the prints and follow up with it. That follow up will probably be a side to another video, since I've already gotten out of my slump and I've got 4 videos lined up and ready to go. And I have to get these models in for the Pinshape contest.

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