Wednesday, January 18, 2017

3D Printed Space Dice video

Code for 3D Scholars: I:"SMKWPCIY" UEY'Z PBPY I ZTUYR

I've been getting more into building the YouTube channel, reading up on the best practices and whatnot. That's why what you see above is not an embedded video, because embedded views don't "count". Instead it's a picture and a link to YouTube where the view does count. Also the title on YouTube is a provocative "How can 3D Printing make life in space better?" instead of a more descriptive "Space Dice!" and the video has more tags than Michael Jackson has zippers on the cover of "Bad". Is all of this hard work paying off? Maybe. My last video got over 1000 views in the first 24 hours, and that's never happened before. Is that the analytics or was it just a really good video? I suppose the next 24 hours will tell.
According to the analytics, my videos uploaded on a Wednesday outperform the videos uploaded on a Monday, like the last one was. So theoretically this video should be gang buster.

According to the gurus I should also be using cards and whatnot to drive traffic to my own videos. Well, in the last video I directed traffic to Vicky Somma and Maker's Muse, and in this one I burned through 4 of 5 of my available cards punctuating jokes. And I don't think I'm gonna stress too much about that. After all, the #1 3D Printing YouTuber by all analytics, Thomas Sanladerer, is doing everything wrong. He doesn't tag load, he's not partnered, he doesn't use cards or promote on social media, and yet somehow he's being so successful that YouTube is his day job. So I guess this is me praising the analytics driven changes I've made, while poo-pooing them in the next breath. But whatever. My real goal is to make the best videos I can, same as it always has been. And looking at my earlier work, there's been some improvement, but I've still got some room to grow.

Also, BrowdSwood.

Download the Space Dice here:

Or share this video on social media, and let me know you did, and I'll send you the files for free.

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