Friday, January 13, 2017

3D Printed Lithophane Lamp and Don't Fear Failure

Secret code for 3D Printing Scholars: G:QCONKNQCKN, QGXJ POKXGJKN, GXJ 3J YORXSRXP

This video had 2 distinct themes. The first was responding to Vicky Soma's failure video. The second was the lithophane lamp I made and the story of the struggle with it (and my historical struggles with lithophanes). However, along the way I realized a joke that should have been put in while editing and since it was too late to record the audio and have it do any sort of matching, I just pitch shifted it, YouTube's equivalent of a laugh track. That led to sweet edit to the Tiethulu picture posted on twitter.

So I'm using that for the thumbnail pict for now to get those sweet click-bait analytics, then I'll switch it to the one you see above for the long term life of the video.

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