Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lessons from my 3DBlockZoo livestream

Despite the challenges last time I still really want to do live streaming. My older videos were made using a similar technique of grabbing the screen and overlaying video in one take, and that was on the same computer, so maybe my aging computer isn't the problem. So I decided to apply the scientific method, change one variable at a time and see what happens.

First new attempt I tried using Tinkercad, thinking that maybe my only problem was doing high powered modeling in Blender was the problem, and result was not good. That attempt has been deleted.

Then I decided to remove streaming from the equation and just do a local recording like I used to. That lasted about 6 minutes until it was in full on slideshow mode. The audio is fine so it's more of a podcast with a slideshow on it. I still have that video but I don't know what to do with it. It was fun and full of discovery and excitement. If you just listen it's pretty good, but it quickly becomes hard to watch.

Then I realized I had upgraded by streaming software, OBS, some time back and that was when the problems started showing up, so I decided to roll back to the old software and the result is before you. The audio has a strange echo, it eventually devolves into a slide show, too.

But, hey, the 3DBlockZoo gets a sheep and cow (with Japanese islands for spots) out of the deal.

I hope that switching back to the old OBS software will fix the recording problems at least so I can go back to recording video on my computer because I have a video coming next week that kinda needs that. But I'm convinced I need a hardware upgrade before I can stream regularly. It's weird because it works on Skype or Zoom, but OBS can't handle it. I won't give up on this.

My editor is a little behind on the 3D Printing 101 posts, but a new one will be coming out next week and the write up will be coming after that.

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