Tuesday, December 20, 2016

3rd 3D printing livestream, great success!

Hey, everyone, I managed a whole livestream without technical problems. Even did Blender with sculpting and dynamic topology. I suspect heavy boolean operations that would slow down my whole system will probably cause problems with the live stream, but this opens up a whole world of opportunities to me. Special thanks to @daJuicyMoose for helping me sort out the best settings. It was incredibly awesome connecting with everyone who joined live.

I think in future live streams I'm going to have a script, like a normal one shot episode, something I'm talking about, ignore the chat, have the questions build up, then at the end hit all the questions in order. I like the quick interaction, but it makes for a less entertaining and difficult to follow show. The video touched on a lot of topics in a scattered manner.

I had many plans for models for Christmas that just fell apart. The scripture tree hit a snag and needs a bit of a redesign and I don't have time to print a new one before we're leaving on vacation. I'd love to extend the 3Dblockzoo to a 3Dblocknativity with people and everything, but again, no time to print it. Plus I really have to get the 3D Printing 101 videos as far along as possible for all those who will be receiving a 3D printer for Christmas. I feel bad for not finishing these projects, but that's okay. There's 365+ days to get the kinks worked out for next Christmas.

I've got a future lithophane video coming as I've sorted out curved lithophanes, and they work. So that's exciting.

As for the dual extrusion mixing on the build plate inspired by Augustin Flowalistik...
Maybe a little. But this is why everyone says don't do this sort of thing. The plastics put on top of each other squishes each other and makes a mess. My current theory about what to do involves putting out less plastic. This model was made with 3 shells and 40% infill, so I'll started by decreasing those settings. Single shell, no infill.
Ah, much better, only, where's the "Christmas"?
Oh, there it is. I appear to have a nozzle calibration problem. Well that might put a crimp in these experiments. I'll have to get that fixed. I also suspect this could be done with a third, combined space that both extruders are set to hit with only 50% flow rate. Some more experimentation is clearly necessary.

After fixing the calibration, it looks pretty amazing, actually. The green isn't quite as green as I'd like, but it's still amazing.

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