Friday, July 29, 2016

Setting up Blender 2.77 for 3D Printing

I'll let you in on a little secret. This first part of this video was almost entirely lifted from my books. Content-wise, anyways. The book is much more concise and less... rambly. The second part of this video, where I point out that Blender's STL export is now a little broken in 2.77, well, that's original.

So this video got me thinking about something. I could have probably told you about Blender's left-select setting, how and why and had time to mention the changes to STL export and how to fix it in a solid 4 minutes. This same content in the books is less than 1 page. However, you get 12 minutes of me over explaining things. Why isn't this video shorter? Because it takes time to be concise. I would have had to plan a script, edit it, set up my recording so I could read it, in addition to the filming and editing that I already did. Going without a script saves me time, but ends up costing you all some time watching the video. I dream of the day that external revenue sources like YouTube and Patreon add up to a full-time comparable paycheck and I'll be able to abandon my day-to-day job and do this full time. That would mean awesome, concise, scripted videos, more than once a week, along with awesome projects that I can only dream of right now.

Okay, that is the one time I'm going to burden you guys with my pipe dreams. Now, back you your regularly scheduled being-happy-with-my-lot.

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