Wednesday, June 15, 2016

3D Printing Professor on Patreon

Welp, I've gone and done it now.
The post really says it all. This isn't the right time to do this sort of thing. With the sale of our house taking way longer than anticipated it's getting harder and hard to maker videos. So is it a good idea to pull the trigger on a Patreon when I can't work on the promised of the same?

Is it ever the right time?

I know if I wait I'll never do it. I'll finish getting Wood Wars 3D ready, but I'll have to work on the Caesar Cipher ring. I'll finish the ring, but I'll have to work on the first project. But there'll be no pressure, so I'll finish a project after the house sells and we move. And I'll upt it off till after I've built the garage, then after the kids all graduate college.

NO. Now is the time.

I've got high hope and I hope you'll put the pressure on me to deliver. The worst thing for my stress level right now would be a successful Patreon. So stress me out.

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