Saturday, May 28, 2016

3D Printing project - Rotary Tumbler Insert Video

So when I asked for feedback last week I got a lot of it wanting me to do more project videos, like the ones I used to do. So I turned on OBS, fired up Blender, and got some good old fashioned screen cap on.

You can download the fancy insert here:

I've had some life events happen that have prohibited my ability to print. Basically, I've got a new job in a new town, so while we're selling our house and moving I don't have a place for my 3D printer, even temporarily any more. However, knowing this was coming I recorded a month worth of videos this week. So that's coming. I may be able to extend a bit with videos that don't require prints to do, if I can find a proper setting.

Meanwhile I plan to use this time to re-brand the channel, get the things I need to do to get Wood Wars 3D released, and maybe do some modeling. Wish me luck.

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