Sunday, March 6, 2016

Vlog - New Book, Upcoming Contest, and 3D Printed Sundial

So now the cats out of the bag, on a number of matters. Of course the video's mail selling point is the 3D printed sun dial, which you can get your own and try it out here:

Book is out. I've been working hard on it and I hope that you'll check it out:

Pinshape has asked me to help judge a contest. It's not out yet, so details will be coming here. And here:

So, yeah, I'm moving. And so there will be a new workbench soon. But in the meanwhile I'm in a bit of a transitory state. Also, I'm having trouble editing the videos, but there has already been a response to the video that I should check out HitFilm Express. So hopefully I can get one of the videos that I've already recorded edited and up. There's a new intro video welcoming people to the channel, and the 3D workbench, which is no longer relevant, but it's better than the old intro video, so I'll go forward with it and record a new one when I get a new 3D workbench.

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