Thursday, March 31, 2016

Recycled PET filament review

Doggonnit. Cut off the top of my head. Ah well.

As I continue to work with this plastic I'm really enjoying it. But I still have stringies to deal with. Still, if I take that into account and print models one at a time the results are really good.

One thing I forgot to mention about rPET is the flexibility of this plastic. When I loaded the filament I noticed that even cooled the drool of filament was soft. So experimentally I tied it into a knot, and it knotted like string. Can't do that with PLA, and ABS will do it, but it will show strain when you do it. But this stuff knots like string when coming out as a .4mm noodle. Wild. I definately think PET has a place in my filament collection.

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