Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rubicon Software Update

A while back the Rubicon Scanner people announced they had a new version of their software that I've been unable to check out (for the same technical problems that's why I haven't had a lot of 3D printing news lately) until just recently. Spoiler alert, it's a vast improvement, but not quite there yet.
The new version has a new calibration that solves the problem of needing to tilt the lasers. Instead the lasers are adjusted so that they're perfectly vertical, but it adjusts their center. So that's great. The first scan I made was another pass at the Play-Doh jar, and for the first time the left and right scans were almost perfectly aligned, which was super exciting. However it seemed like they were rotationally misaligned. So I scanned a rubix cube I have to get some more data.

I was right, the left and right scan were about 8 degrees of rotation off from each other. That means that while in the software the left and right scans can't be used together to make a complete mesh in the software. It could be done by taking them out to meshlab and assembling them, so it's not impossible.
But how accurate to real life are they? I took the 2 scans, aligned them, and compared them to a measured cube in Blender. The cube measure about 64mm on a side, but the scanned cube measure closer to 80mm. That means the scan is almost exactly 25% bigger than real life. I could just scale it back by .8 and have the correct measurement, but is that true in all cases and in all orientations? Some more experimentation will be necessary.

However, the shape is surprisingly square. There's a little warping on the flat top, and with the play dough the recessed lip was again interpreted as a ring hovering above it, but Rubitech has done a great job of fixing many of their problems. Their software is surprisingly mature. I only hope Horus can catch up.

PS, as I continued to fiddle I accidently unscrewed the right laser line, and now it's out of focus compared to the left one.
Anyone have any clue how to fix this?

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