Tuesday, July 14, 2015

3D printed L Bracket Drawer Repair

The particle board behind my daughters drawer did what particle board does over time. So instead of running to the store to get some L brackets to fix it I decided to try 3D printing them. Learning from last time I decided to search Yeggi first. Couldn't find exactly what I wanted, though I did find an interesting project, so I went ahead with modeling it myself. Took all of 15 minutes. Then  printed them in ABS, 100% infill, vapor smoothed, and installed. And they worked.
Mostly. Okay, so the left side brackets cracked because I screwed them too much, but they're still holding well, so I'm goign to go with it. Clearly 3D printed brackets aren't flawless, but they're good enough and holding for now. And if they fail I can always print some new ones.

Or just run to the hardware store this time.

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