Monday, June 1, 2015

Manufacturing Wood Wars 3D part 1

Last week I set about to find out how many Wood Wars 3D sets 1 3D printer can produce. I always estimated it as 1 set per day, but I didn't have any hard data. Spoilers, I may have overestimated.
Day 1 I manged to start 3 sets and get one of them almost completed. I was using dual printing to maximize my output, and I had half a set already started before this experiment, so I ended up with parts left over that caused the odd start with this day.
Unfortunately dual printing ended up being the petard I was hoisted from when my over-night printing of the terrain failed in a big way. Somehow my left nozzle clogged and then fell off on the print. So day 2 started with repairs to my printer and a scrapped overnight-print. Technically the overnight prints were supposed to be gimmes to get me ahead of schedule, so this shouldn't have put me too far behind.
By the end of day 2 I had completed one set and was 1 print away from finishing a second.
And by the end of Day 3 I was 2 prints away from 3 sets. So at this rate I'm falling behind by about a print a day. So I wrapped up the third set and spent the rest of the week doing some redesigns of the pieces that I discovered were necessary while play-testing the smaller pieces last week, But I've got a plan an this week we'll see if I can try again and maybe get ahead of schedule.

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