Friday, February 6, 2015

Wood Wars Wolf Archer

On the left, the new wolf head on the old soldier body. On the right, on a new archer body. Nailed the overhangs on this one, it prints without any slop, and I think it looks great. I really enjoy playing with distinct looks for each of the heads. The bear is almost spherical, the deer is aloof and antlered, the wolf is all long. It's really easy to tell which is which even at a distance. I hope I can keep this up as the number of races increases.
Someone suggested these could make good decorations for my daughter's doll house, so it looks like doll daddy is going to take up hunting. So now the total is up to 2 classes, 3 races, and a generic soldier pawn to fill out the ranks. It's mix and match-tastic.
I wanted to share a couple of sketches at this point to show off my creative process that isn't done in 3D. This is where the initial pawns started. Back then the bear looked more like a guinea pig.
At one point I was exploring wheather the bodies should have hooves or paws. I settled on something more paw like, but with gloves whever possible. This is because they're mostly too small to notice the difference. I also sketched a boar wizard. The boar is going to be my next head, but it will likely not look like this since it has the general shape of the wolf. Also the tree will look nothing like this.
The tree will likely look more like this and will be one of the last things I model before starting on the kickstarter content. Hopefully this kickstarter will fund the next level for Cymon's Designs. If it does well... who knows. I just hope there's an audience for a 3D printed table top skirmish strategy game.
Now this is the creative process. I for some reason started with huge sketches, then went to smaller drawings as the design coalessed. I really should learn to work the other way around. The jackalope was an idea someone proposed and will totally be the magically inclined race when I get to it. But it will likely be a strech goal.

And tucked way down here where no one will read it is the reminder that the STAB JOE contest is still going. Win a custom game piece, maybe one like these if that's what you want.

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