Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Covering the sunglass with tinted plastic

And now for the exciting conclusion to my sunglasses video.

I considered many different sources for something I could use to block light and UV for my sunglasses. I explored tinted lighting gels like they use on stage, but most of those are either tinted or UV blocking, not both. Fortunately my plan B worked well. I decided to find a local auto window tinting company and see if they had any scrap that they could let me have. The people at Pro Tint in Sandy, Utah provided me with a very generous sheet of 60% light blocking and UV screen. Thanks guys!
The plastic they use has and adhesive on the back that I needed to remove a since I didn't want this stick into anything. A little bit of goo gone was all it took.

Now to get the film on to the sunglasses. Let me tell you what doesn't work. Heat. An instructable I saw seemed to indicate this would be a good idea, but with window tint it doesn't work. I tried an iron, I tried a heat gun. The problem is if you get it hot enough to melt the window tint the plastic of the sunglasses frame will start to deform.
In the end the best solution was the simplest. Super glue.
And there it is. As seen in the video they do work. There's a little problem in that they're trying to pull downward into my nose which I might have to iterate the design to try and fix. But for now I can drive in the daytime without squinting!

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