Monday, December 1, 2014

21st century fix-it man.

We had a broken part in the dishwasher that kept the metal tracks from sliding out too far. Where would we got to find this part? I have no idea. Could we buy just the part we need? Who knows? Could I 3D print it instead? Oh yes.
Broken, first iteration, final fix
All it took was calipers, an hour with Blender, and a couple tries to get it right.
In it's new home
Of course I still made a few mistakes. Like printing it so the layers go laterally to where the stress is going to be. I coated it with acetone to hopefully prevent this from being a problem in the future, but I'm guessing I'll be printing yet another replacement for this one in the future, next time printed properly so the layers run with the stress it'll be taking. but for now the dishwasher doesn't fall out when you pull it too far.

Installation was a pain and I'm not looking forward to that in the future. Maybe I can avoid it if I plan a bit better.

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  1. T-Glass is my go to fix it material for this kind of thing. Going to need a cooling fan though on a Rep1. Stuff seems to bridge great.


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